A little about me, phenomwomom



PAST~~~~  I’m a small town girl born, raised, and still living in the same close-knit, gossip magnet, everybody knows everybody, wonderful community.  I used to think I was too much for this Mayberry look a like place, but it’s funny how love changes everything.

My parents were normal, okay, not really.  My mom was 16 when she got pregnant with me, and my dad was 21.  Yes, things were very different back then.  They met while talking on the CB radio.  A few months later, they found out about me.  I actually attended my mom’s graduation.  I guarantee not many can say that, or they just don’t due to embarrassment.photo (11)

A couple of years later, my sister came along.  She definitely wasn’t normal, still isn’t!  One example, she crawled under a cabinet to eat rat poison.  The poison control center said she may experience seizures, vomiting, rash, and diarrhea.  Well, nothing ever happened, she acted exactly the same.  And so on, our family was quite normal up until my mom discovered my dad had been having an affair with a younger woman.  My mom of course, goes loco for a week, then decides to sleep with some guy she works with to get back at my dad.  During this time, I was 17 years old, my sister was 15.  Hence, you can imagine the complete shock when my mom announced she was pregnant!  To make a long story short, paternity test revealed the baby was in fact my dad’s.  Therefore, adding to my memorable senior year, a new baby sister.  photo (5)

She was born a few months after I graduated high school.  And a year after that, my parent’s finally decided that after 18 years together, and 3 daughter’s; they were getting divorced.

PRESENT~~~ Are you ready for a big mind-blowing relationship status?  Well, here goes…. My ex-husband, father of my children, have been in a relationship, living together as a family for about 3 years now. 😮  Boom, there it is.  

                                               And what lead up to my present relationship status….

photo (6)

We had our first date my freshman year of high school, he was a junior.  I was pretty, smart, and preppy.  He was cute and country as corn.  I never even saw him at school until our blind date which was set up by me friend because she liked his friend.  But nonetheless, I went out with him.  He was really sweet, and I have to admit, his cowboy boots were quite hot on him.  By the way, at that point, I had never owned a pair of cowboy boots.  As I said before, Mayberry was not my idea of a life.  On our 2nd date, we were involved in an accident.  There was no drinking, it was just wet roads, and over correcting the vehicle that caused that nightmare.  I won’t go into details, but my friend was paralyzed from the waist down.  I don’t think I’ll ever forgive my self for being able to walk away. That’s all for now about that….

Well, he and I dated for about 7 years.  We had a few teenage break ups along the way, but it was without a doubt love, the real kind.  We were married for almost 10 years, had 3 wonderful daughters, then we sadly divorced.

photo (10)

Mr. Phenom and I have been together again for almost 3 years now.  Do we hear wedding bells ringing once again in our future?  I guess we will see…  

photo (7)

                                                          FUTURE~~~~ To be continued at a later date 🙂




photo (3)


In our world today, we hear several accounts of individuals vowing “change”.  Whether with their career, family, habits, or as with most often, change in themselves.  And there are even times we witness this troth.  I am one who admires such a pledge, especially the fight, and perseverance that is put forth from within.

I love my life!  Now, please don’t be mistaken, it is by far perfect.  There are many aspects I would change, but none that would make it perfect or stop the trials that I am faced with everyday. If I chose a better job with more money, that would help pay the current bills, but I guarantee I would only create more for myself.  And most time with a career making more money, you have less time with the family you’re working so hard for. I have a good job, decent money, but I travel an hour to work and back.  I am missing out on so many things, I should be witnessing.  They may be only mild stones in my children’s lives, but to my children these stones are everything that matters at that moment.  And it is as well a “passage of rite” that every parent should be in the presence of.  The change I have set my mind to conquer is, to be there, front row, center while their on their stage of life performances.

I have been in search of job positions available in my community.  And as I have mentioned before, I live in a small town so the pickings are far and few.  But I’m determined, my heart is determined.  I have had 2 interviews at this point, I know I didn’t get the first one, and still awaiting news of the second; which just occurred today.

My husband (though we haven’t remarried at this point) can’t seem to understand why I would give up a federal government job, just to be available more to our children.  But, it kills me, pains my soul to miss science fairs, talent shows, and sports games.  Maybe it’s a “mom” thing?  I want to be able to fix my daughters’ hair for school, drop them off with a kiss and a see you later wave, pick them up with their beautiful smiles, and just be able to be mom.  I’m tired of being tired!  I’m up early, home late, and sometimes so exhausted to even breathe.  That’s not who I want to be, not the mom I want to be!  I’m a great mom, I know this, but I’m not great in the ways I want to be, the ways they need me to be.

So, this I vow….  I will find a job closer to home.  It may not be a prestigious federal job, and I may have to take a cut in pay.  But I will adjust, my family will survive.  We will survive because we are strong, have faith, have love, and most importantly we have God.

With God, all things are possible…

I was in hopes to add more about myself on my blog this evening, but because I am apparently the luckiest person in the world, my dentist appointment consisted of getting 2 back molars pulled, and 2 wires on my eye teeth to help straighten my smile.  I should have kept the crooked smile, they’re kinda cute, right?

So, I’m bleeding and drooling from my mouth.  Oh, don’t worry, I can’t feel a thing yet from the numbness of my entire face.  Those things are only apparent when I look down at the sexy blue bib my dentist so graciously let me keep.  I told my girls it was new fashion statement.  Though they are still staring at me like I’m a zombie that just finished my plate of brains.  That’s okay, the bib brings out the blue in my eyes, hee hee…

I often wonder why we console our children that going to the dentist isn’t to be frightened or frowned upon.  Because, the shameless fact is that we as adults still dread it!  We know it’s going to be uncomfortable, we know they’re going to pick and prod at our teeth.  We tell our kids, it’s okay honey, you’ll be just fine.  When, it’s not okay!  And 9 out of 10 times, something is going to be hurting when your laid back in that chair.  So, we lie to our children for good reason, right.  Parents don’t want their kids to be afraid, and want them to see a dentist regularly, even into adulthood.  The good thing about going to the dentist as an adult, and having work done—- that awesome Lortab prescription you get afterwards, you know the big white pills that the pharmacist has to have a copy of driver license, social security, and shoe size to get (thank your local drug heads for that, smh).  Furthermore, phenomwomom took her one about 20 minutes ago, and my bib looks even more lovelier that it did before.  Except now it is spinning around and around, my bib is so cool…. Until tomorrow friend…..

We Are All Phenomenal…..

I will begin by saying, Hi Friends…. I’m Jennifer, I am a woman and a mother.  I am not perfect, but alike all, I am phenomenal. Throughout this blog I will tell you about myself, my family, my life.  I will open up to you about several if not all aspects of my life.  I welcome your thoughts, ideas, and friendly criticism.  You may not agree with everything I post, and that’s ok!  But I do ask that you be respectful to me and others whom may be reading my blog.  I am in hopes to achieve many things by creating this blog—-  I love to write, so this allows me to do so, help others with similar situations, have others give me positive feedback/advice, and of course pure entertainment for my audience, lol…  With that being said, my next post will be a complete summary of my present life.  Which will be a very interesting matter, I promise you!  Until then friend….